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Eyyyyy, in light of upcoming holidays, I'm currently offering commissions at reduced prices! (Lasts until Dec. 20th)

Black and White sketches

Pencil sketch on plain white paper - $3.00, detailed background add $3.00; 3"x4" badge $1.50
Scottish Cyclops by Fischotterchen

Digital sketches
Digital sketch in ONE color -  $3.00, detailed background add $3.00; 3"x4" badge $1.50
Boom Boom Baby by Fischotterchen

Colored sketches

Pencil sketch with digital coloring, little to no highlights and/or shading - $5.00, detailed background add $3.00; 3"x4" badge $3.00
Jsut dance by Fischotterchen

Inked drawings
Black and possibly 1 or 2 colors, or sepia, inked drawing - $5.00; 3"x4" badge $3.00
La colonne vertebrale by Fischotterchen

Copic drawings
Black or sepia inked drawings colored with Copic markers - $15.00 [PLEASE NOTE! I do have somewhat limited colors, so they may turn out slightly different than any references you send me, though I will certainly do my best to match); 3"x4" badge $5.00
Bird with Garbage by Fischotterchen

Inked and colored drawings
- Monochrome/grayscale: Black or sepia-inked piece with ONE color or pattern digitally added - $7.00 (detailed backgrounds are not available for this type of piece); 3"x4" badge $3.00
Midnight Crew by Fischotterchen
- Cell shading: digitally colored with animation-style shading and highlights - $10.00, detailed background/faux screenshot effects add $7.00; badge $5.00
Homestuck season 6 screenshot by Fischotterchen
- Elaborate coloring: detailed digital shading and highlights - $15.00, detailed background add $10.00; 3"x4" badge $7.00
Wasabi by Fischotterchen

What I'm best at
:bulletgreen: Homestuck
:bulletgreen: Team Fortress 2
:bulletgreen: Redwall

What I'm fair at
:bulletyellow: Cartoony or realistic birds, animals, or humans 
:bulletyellow: CGI-2D conversion (e.g. Kung Fu Panda or Rise of the Guardians)
:bulletyellow: Anime/manga style (I refer here to my own personal style; please ask about specific fandoms)

What I'm worst at
:bulletred: Mecha/anything technological (anything more complicated than your average couch)

Stuff I refuse to do
:bulletblack: Anything MLP-related
:bulletblack: Eyeball-related gore (any other gore ok)
:bulletblack: Fetish-related stuff, including "fat versions"

Other info
:bulletblue: Please keep in mind that you are paying for time and materials, and prices reflect this moreso than my actual talent...
:bulletblue: If you want me to include another person's original character in your commission, you MUST have that person send me a note so that I know you have their permission.
:bulletblue: I tentatively accept commission payments in the form of TF2 trades/keys in their equivalent value in US dollars! :eager:
:bulletblue: While I specified badge prices at 3"x4", I will accept alternate specifications up to 6x6".

Send me a message if you're interested or have questions!
  • Mood: Christmas Spirited
  • Listening to: TF2 ST
  • Reading: Game of Thrones
  • Watching: Tanked
  • Playing: Team Fortress 2
  • Eating: Shrimp ravioli
  • Drinking: Chai tea latte


Fischotterchen's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States

First and foremost, I'm a Christian. After that, I'm a super-hyper artist, Michigander, patriot, animal-lover, birdwatcher, treehugger, animal rights activist, fangirl, cosplayer, movie and cartoon aficionado, and procrastinator. ^^;

I'm OCD, so I'm always assigning myself tons of stuff to do. :work:

I love Animal Crossing: New Leaf! If you'd like to come visit my town or have me come visit yours, please send me a note and we'll exchange friend codes! :eager:

:bulletgreen: MY TUMBLR:
:bulletgreen: MY PINTEREST:
:bulletgreen:CHUMHANDLE: aquaticArtiste (yes Pesterchum is real and yes I can help you get it :XD:)


Homestuck (I'm a Taurus and my Patron is Gamzee =P), TF2, Game of Thrones, Hannibal, Redwall, TMNT, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, Gravity Falls, Regular Show, Scaredy Squirrel, Animal Crossing, Star Fox, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Kung Fu Panda, Monster High

Likes (besides artsy stuff :3):
Animals, birds, nature, candy, coffee, soda pop, the beach, the rain, the color green, forests, fields, softcore gaming, cosplaying, collecting photos and artwork, learning words from foreign languages, zoos, museums, gardens, books, classical music with birdsongs and running water in the background, kneesocks (especially rainbow-striped kneesocks), messenger bags, Subway, pins and buttons, unicorns and other semi-mythological animals, learning about other cultures, pizza, bagpipes, ice cream with chunky candy in it, boats, shiny things :drool:

Germs, cockroaches (except for Doctor Cockroach), haters, foul-mouthed people, shoes (I'd go barefoot 24/7 if it was a practical option), people who talk too loudly in the movie theater, chocolate resin candy (:bleh:), weaboos, big smelly cities, automatic flushing toilets, hypocrites, fake (i.e. TWILIGHT-TYPE) vampires and werewolves, the color pink, most cell phone ringtones, the Burger King mascot :stare:

That is all.

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