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sooo thanks to deviantart's newest policy on art theft (the one that says you cant steal what isnt physical, therefore anyone can take anything they want on this godforsaken site), i will be joining what i hope is a mass exodus of the site. i might pop back in to favorite some stuff now and then, but you can be damn sure i will NOT be posting any more art. i will also begin to take down or at least store some of the art i've posted here, at least the stuff i actually care about getting stolen. 
as always, you will be able to find me on my tumblr 
peace out my followers, and fuck you deviantart staff :)

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FairytalesArtist Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2015
Hi my new art is ready!… and… and… and…Will you  to include of my art in your gallery? Thanks and I hope your like it?:) (Smile)
Elzathehedgehog Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015
please don't take down your art, I mean I know you haven't posted any art on your new account on here
but what if I want to fave on your old art that is on your old account, look I know there is some jerks who don't ask first before using some drawings that belong to someone and they really should ask you, me and everyone else if it is okay.

and they should all ways give credit but first they will need to ask the original owner first and get their say so and if they so no they will need to respect the owner's wishes

the point is I hope you don't think everyone on DA are jerks I mean yes there are some but there are all so good ones who understand well that is what I believe anyway.

but I hope you will leave the art where it is and perhaps you should do what I did to most of my drawings I have up

you should take off the 'download' on it, I haven't done it to all my old drawings I think and there is like a lot I think and might take me forever well maybe not forever, to do all that buts still.

I think some time back someone did something very terrible to one of my old drawings when they copied it and place it on some place else and because of their bullying and misunderstanding I had took that drawing down.

I mean I know some time back like I guess it has been a few years now since I had to go through some pretty bad stuff caused by others on here but I don't let me stop posting drawings when I can and my feelings were seriously hurt that time

I may like Youtube and all but I hate Youtube Poop, I mean really hate it.

but I only like Youtube and not that other one.

and anyway I guess what I'm saying is I know how it feels to go through some sad times

and if your drawings was used for some music video with out your say so I'm sorry, but some people may not of known that the person did that with out even asking you first and to know if it is okay or not.
but you should at least be asked first and given full credit because it is your say so if they can or not.

I will go check out your tumblr.

and I don't think I have been bullied on here lately since it happen before and I think I can not remember everything that happen during that time but I don't think I want to remember everything and just want to be in the here and now and see the drawings of others maybe watch a movie or cartoon once in a while or read or post up new chapters of stories I make.

but anyway I will go check out your tumblr now and I'm sorry if I said too much but I hope you keep your drawings up on your old account, I kinda don't like to go through the heartache like that again but I hope everything works out and you will keep your art up.

and sorry again I guess I'm talking too much. :blush:
Drew47AT Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Hey there, how are you?
Miss-Jazz-DaFunk Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015  Student Filmographer
Hey, long time no speaks.
Fischotterchen Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015  Student General Artist
hey hey! how are things? :D
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